You’ve built a successful wealth management practice, you deliver an exceptional client experience...

But as a planner and an entrepreneur, you still ask yourself sometimes, “What’s Next?”

As a number of successful Advisors have discovered, the answers to these important questions may be Apella Capital.

Stats Do you continue growing your firm organically?
Users What about ensuring continuity and succession?
Partners Should you look for additional support or partnership?
Check And what could that look like?

Benefits to You of
Working with Apella


Benefits to You of
Working with Apella

Distinctive Investment Approach
Distinctive Investment Approach
  • Life First Focus
  • Evidence-based, factor-based approach grounded in academic research and financial science
  • Emphasis on comprehensive, evidence-based financial planning with substantial in-house expertise
Scale & Service
Scale & Service
  • Pricing power
  • Operational/structural efficiencies
  • Compliance
  • Marketing
  • Operations (Billing, Trading, Reporting)
  • Infrastructure (tools and technology)
  • Dedicated service and support teams
  • Industry-Leading Research
  • Retirement Plan Specialists
  • Customer service
  • Operations and Technology
A Strong Culture
A Strong Culture
  • Client first. Always
  • Collaborative
  • Focus on client education
  • Shared sense of purpose

Benefits to Your Clients of
Working with Apella


Benefits to Your Clients of
Working with Apella

Enhanced Investment Approach
Enhanced Investment Approach
  • Life-First focus on clients’ most important life and financial goals
  • Comprehensive financial planning with substantial in-house expertise to address a variety of planning needs, from college planning to long-term care
  • Increased offerings vetted through robust, extensive analysis, including best-of-breed, evidence-based investments
Education & Communications
Education &
  • Monthly “OnBalance” Newsletter
  • Quarterly Client Statements
  • Apella Academy
  • Special Educational Webinars, Blogs and Videos
  • Educational Events
Continuity & Service
Continuity &
  • Client first philosophy
  • Multiple team members to serve and support clients
  • Ability to shift resources quickly where needed
  • Strong strategic planning
  • Succession plan to provide continuity of service
Headquartered in Glastonbury, Connecticut

Headquartered in Glastonbury, Connecticut

We are a national RIA built around a select community of likeminded advisors who believe in evidence-based investing and planning.

With 2.7 billion dollars in assets, we have the scale to serve backed by personalized, hands-on service and support, including paraplanners, operations staff, a full suite of the latest tools and technology, experts in areas including college planning, social security, tax management, retirement plans, and more.

As a firm built by advisors for advisors, we are dedicated to freeing up your time so you can focus on what matters most: providing exceptional advice and building lifelong client relationships. This is our mission and our motivation to provide Advice for Life.

Where many firms have taken outside capital and now have quotas to meet, we have not and will not institute any such initiative. This is simply not our culture.

We know that everyone’s situation is different, and would be happy to set up an initial consultation, so we can learn more about your business and how Apella might be able to support you and your clients.


Partnering with Apella

Because of Apella Capital’s distinctive approach to advice and our commitment to community, we know that we will not be the right choice for every financial advisor.

In our experience, we are the best fit for Independent RIAs anywhere in the United States with $50-400 million in assets under management who are.

  • Seeking additional resources to help serve and support clients
  • Concerned about business continuity
  • Looking for a collaborative community of Advisors
  • Seeking business succession solutions
  • Looking to scale their practices
  • Focused on growth and want to outsource functions such as operations and compliance
  • Primarily passive or evidence-based in their investment approach
  • Focused on comprehensive planning

For more information and ideas on the options you have for guiding the future of your firm, please visit our affiliated site PracticePerspective.

Practice Perspective

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